The FURNANIGANS team is officially approved by pets everywhere to be excellent snugglers, ball throwers, walkers, runners, wrestlers and ear scratchers! FURNANIGANS is your pets new favorite Pet Nanny & Dog Walker.


Angela Hall – Founder & Top Dog


Hi there! My name is Angela. I’m a fur-mom to two handsome, loving, kind and smart 6 yr old kitties named Rigby & Roary. I’ve been around animals the majority of my life; mostly cats and larger dogs. While my background is in business (since my first business in Schweinfurt Germany 20+ years ago) I’ve been a pet care professional for the last (4) years and I LOVE it!!

I’m familiar and comfortable with dogs and cats: puppies, kittens, seniors, small, large, calm, aggressive, with anxiety and administering pills and shots (as some of my fur-clients are diabetic). I’ve encountered a many of neighborhood dogs off-leash while walking aggressive dogs. I’ve had collars randomly break in the middle of four-way stops during rush hour traffic without anyone’s safety ever being an issue. And, I’ve assisted clients with the transition of their senior dogs passing, noticing key signs and letting them know it was soon.

Again, I’ve been around animals my whole life, and while I do have a lot of experience, I’m constantly learning. You can now rest assured your pet will be pampered, protected, and cared for while you’re away. I will give them the same love and attention I give my own. That is my guarantee!


We’re Hiring

Want to be a part of FURNANIGANS? We are looking for fur-lovers to join our pack.

Tell us all about yourself and why you are interested in becoming a part of the FURNANIGANS  team by emailing us at: Get Hired@FURNANIGANS.COM

Looking forward to hearing from you! We will respond as soon as possible.

* All applicants are pre-screened with a background check and will be required to participate in FURNANIGANS dog training classes (for humans).